Christie George

Originally from Georgia, Christie now resides in Las Vegas, taking her love and passion of music, fashion, and acting with her. She is determined to keep her sense of humor, class, sassiness and independence a fundamental part of everything she does. As a songwriter, she continues to write from her perspective, with no-holds-barred. She is the girl next door, but dressed in red: a girl's girl, but one of the boys.

     As an only child growing up with a single mom, happiness came not from money, but with love, strength, support and the arts. Headphones filled with music took her away into a dream world of being on stage. She took those dreams, and made them a reality. She started out as everyone does, in school with choir and drama, in community theater... and an occasional pageant to learn confidence and poise.

     With persistence and a leap of faith, she and her mom packed up their truck and U-haul, and moved across country to LA. It was there that she learned how tough the world really was, and how she needed to keep her feet on the ground to stay true to who she was as a person. After starting to have some success in the industry with hosting, she moved to Las Vegas to be able to finance her music career. She ended up touring as a singer with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, receiving a Platinum and Gold album. This lit a fire under her high heels to want that success for her original music.

     You may have seen Christie singing around town, and she may have captured your attention with her voice, or you may have come across her music, or just stumble upon this site. Either way, she will captivatingly convince you that she is the real deal.

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Photo by Truly Trujillo

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